CCC vs. MacGregor Country Club – Tuesday, June 11th

Score:  CCC 225, MCC 289


6&Unders – Smith Summerlin, CCC (free, back)

7-8 – Carson Webb, CCC (free, fly)

9-10 –  Max Bartelt, MDCC (breast, fly), Alex Weaver, MDCC (free, back)

13-14 – Rachel Marston (breast, fly)

Triple Winners:

9-10 – Emily DeRonja, CCC (free, back, fly)

11-12 – D. McSorley, MCC (free, breast, fly), Sarah Di Pangrazio (free, back, fly)

13-14 – Frank DeRonja, CCC (free, breast, fly)

15-18 – Andrew Hamrick, MCC (free, breast, fly); M. Hamrick, MCC (free, breast, fly)

MacGregor Downs team record set by Sarah Di Pangrazio in the 11-12 fly 30.21 (34.04 in short course meters)

Raleigh Country Club vs. Carolina Country Club

Score:  CCC 258.5, RCC 212.5


6&Unders – Smith Summerlin, CCC (free, back); Sarah Knox Harper, RCC (back, breast)

15-18 – Lee Parker, CCC (back, fly)

Triple Winners:

7-8 – David Lackey, RCC (free, breast, fly); Connor Lang, RCC (free, breast, fly)

9-10 – Jeb Baker, RCC (free, breast, fly); Glynn Clare Lackey, RCC (free, breast, fly)

11-12 – Jake Strother, RCC (free, breast, fly); Josie DeRonja, CCC (free, breast, fly)

13-14 – Frank DeRonja, CCC (free, breast, fly)

15-18 – Sarah Sanchez, CCC (free, back, fly)

MacGregor Downs vs. Wakefield Plantation Country Club – June 8, 2013

MDCC 288.5 WPCC 220.5

Double Winners:
6 & Unders – Dylan Taylor WPCC; Addison Styers MDCC

Triple Winners:
7/8 Girls – Natalie Hughes WPCC
11/12 Boys – Duncan McSorley MDCC
11/12 Girls – Sarah DiPangrazio MDCC
15/18 Boys – Brendan Quinn WPCC
15/18 Girls – Melissa Hamrick MDCC

MacGregor Downs Team and Pool Record for 11/12 Girls 50 Butterfly (set in 1995) was broken by Sarah Dipangrazio with a time of 34:34!

CCC vs. North Ridge – Tuesday, June 4th


CCC 283  NR 202


6&Unders – Harrison Rice, NR (free, breast)

7-8 – Coley Brown, CCC (back, breast);

9-10 – Emily DeRonja, CCC (back, fly)

11-12 – Ted Bossong, CCC (free, back)

15-18 – Lee Parker, CCC (free, back)

Triple Winners:

7-8 – Addie P., NR (free, breast, fly)

11-12 – Josie DeRonja (free, breast, fly)

13-14 – Frank DeRonja, CCC (free, breast, fly)

13-14 – Isabelle Ricke, NR (free, back, fly)

15-18 – Sarah Sanchez (free, back, fly)

RACCSL Holds Inaugural Swim Clinic at TAC

RACCSL held its firs swim clinic on Saturday April, 27th at Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary. Over 50 swimmers participated and coaches from TAC Titans worked with swimmers on their strokes, skills and starts!

Special thanks to clinic sponsor Triangle Aquatics, LLC for hosting this event.