MacGregor at CCC (6.9.15)

MacGregor 293 CCC 174

Double Winners

9-10Margaret Scoggin (CCC) free, fly

Elyse Boyce (CCC) back, breast

11-12  William Marriott (MDCC) breast, fly

Parker Gorman (MDCC) free, back, fly

13-14 Duncan McSorley (MDCC) free, breast, fly

15-18 Kevin Simpson (MDCC) free, back

Frank DeRonja (CCC) breast, fly

Triple Winners

7-8   Roland DeRonja (CCC) back, breast, fly

7-8   Camilla Marriott (MDCC) free, breast, fly

9-10 Teeven Tsang (MDCC) free, back, fly

North Ridge at CCC (6.2.15)

North Ridge 105 CCC 267

Double Winners
6&U Annie Michel (MDCC) free, back
7-8 Helen Wein (CCC) free, back

11-12 Charles Maret (CCC) free, back

Emily DeRonja (CCC) free, back

13-14  Dillon Roberts free, back

Josie DeRonja free, breast

15-18 Frank DeRonja back, breast

Lindsey Humphrey free, breast

Triple Winners

7-8   Roland DeRonja (CCC) back, breast, fly

*Meet called at 7-8 Boys Butterfly due to Weather

Wakefield @ MacGregor (6.6.2015)

Wakefield  204   MacGregor 296

Double Winners
6&U Tyler Kluch (WP) breast, free
Sydney Jackson (WP) free, back
11-12 Alex Weaver (MDCC) free, back
Madeline Wright (WP) free, breast
Sabrina Bowers (WP) back, fly
13/14 Lauren Shaffer (WP) back, fly

Triple Winners
7/8 Eiger Tsang (MDCC) free, back, fly
Camilla Marriott (MDCC) free, back, breast
9/10 Teevan Tsang (MDCC) free, back, fly
Natalie Hughes (WP) free, breast, fly
13/14 Aidan Mabunga (WP) free, breast, fly
15/18 Hart Simpson (MDCC) free, back, breast
Melissa Hamrick (MDCC) free, breast, fly

Wakefield @ CCC (6.10.14)

Score: CCC 298, Wakefield 201

6&Unders – Roland Deronja, CCC (back, breast)
9-10 – Green, Wakefield (breast, fly)
15-18 – Sarah Batchelder, CCC (free, back)
Triple Winners:
9-10 – Emily DeRonja, CCC (free, back, fly)
11-12 – Jack Thorton, CCC (back, breast, fly)
13-14 – Mabunga, Wakefield (back, breast, fly)
Josie DeRonja, CCC (free, breast, fly)
15-18 – Frank DeRonja, CCC (back, breast, fly)

Wakefield Plantation vs. MacGregor (6.21.14)

MG – 333
WP – 174

MG Double Winners:

Aidan Rousseau: Free, Breast, broke team record with 10.43 in 15 yd free

MG Triple Winners:

Teevan Tsang, Free, Back, Breast

Alex Weaver: Free, Back, Breast

Duncan McSorley: Free, Breast, Fly

Lindsey VanTassel: Free, Back, Fly

Hart Simpson: Free, Back, Fly

WP Double Winners:

Alexa Shaffer: Back, Fly

Lauren Shaffer: Back, Fly

WP Triple Winners:

Aidan Mabunga: Back, Breast, Fly